Dating this antique..what is it?

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  1. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I thought this was a dress but now I’m not sure what it is. It’s silk. It has French seams. It has a full skirt- no waist. It reminds me of my 1930s/40s nightgowns in that it has triangular fabric inserts on each side starting at the hem and going way up to the waist area. It has pleats in the back shoulders. It closes in the front to the waist with snaps. It has a fabric belt that’s tacked to the sides so it’s not adjustable. The snaps for the belt are right at the ends - way bigger around when closed than the waistline is. Leaves me wondering what the belt is for. I can get better pics if necessary. It’s hard to get detailed pics of black dresses around here. Thank you for your help!

    FE999FFF-C53D-4050-A35C-878E64F5ABDA.jpeg 99C32968-3006-450B-B2B3-64A895250387.jpeg 1F048A85-AFAE-4DEB-AF82-D000F130BC92.jpeg 70EBBE76-433E-4470-AC23-8D89F3FAF519.jpeg CF2EBA84-FCBE-4F96-B04B-1FAD11E1F7AA.jpeg
  2. mags_rags

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    Is it possible that the belt could wrap around the front and snap closed in the back?
  3. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I think you might be right. I can’t get pics of it because it’s too small for the dress form, wrapped around it like that. But...when I’m holding it tight, the front and back pleats lay down very nice and neat and it completely changes the look so that it does look like a dress...a little Edwardian looking. I’ll post pics shortly.
  4. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I’m posting a pic of the dress form I’m using, because it’s the only one I have that is small enough for this dress. The dress form has an 18” waist. The dress is a little bigger, by an inch or so.

    Anyway, with the waist cinched, it causes the front pleats to lay down flat and the pleats in the back form a little bustle. I’m sure it would look even better on the right size person.

    8EE5A257-6DDA-4FEB-A1F2-94324118D293.jpeg 8C7F9C39-A8BF-4EB6-AD06-BCDD739CF77F.jpeg AD8A7B61-94EE-4887-B7C4-C9AAEE8D63BE.jpeg FC62019F-5937-4492-BF5F-8A947E48D5CD.jpeg 5A206367-5847-4581-9AD7-12F5655AA844.jpeg FBB44BCE-5FE7-4EA0-A6D3-981D8BC861DA.jpeg 2015F31A-7B7F-4678-9497-78E2BD00D45B.jpeg 26C6060D-BC73-4DF7-A4F2-ECF56AEC559D.jpeg 88F758F9-EDE3-4888-B9DA-8818E2D883A9.jpeg
  5. acceber

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    I just found out this dress was sold by a historical museum that was going out of business, so it’s possible it’s very old.
  6. jessica vega

    jessica vega Registered Guest

    What was the museum name, If you know it?
  7. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    The North Tonawanda History Museum, in North Tonawanda NY. I’ve never been there. I think they’ve been closed for a couple years. I’m going to call the store where I bought this dress and ask for information.
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  8. 196t's

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    Actually, I just read in The Buffalo News that the North Tonawanda History Museum was forced out of its downtown site by a mortgage foreclosure and will open at its new location by the end of this month (a former bowling alley and banquet hall on Oliver Street). Maybe they were downsizing and decided to sell some of the inventory?
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  9. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I am so glad to hear that!

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