dating this cute bunny purse

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by maltby, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. maltby

    maltby Registered Guest

    any ideas?

    thanks, happy new year to all!

    IMG_0886.JPG IMG_0884.JPG IMG_0879.JPG IMG_0878.JPG
  2. denisebrain

    denisebrain Trade Member

    Aww! I've never seen a needlepoint with all the rabbits yours has! It looks to me like 60s. Can you say what the piping is made of, and also the lining?
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  3. Robin of Frocksley

    Robin of Frocksley Registered Guest

    Love it! Makes me think of Watership Down.
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  4. MsMaisy

    MsMaisy Registered Guest

    I'm no help on the dating but man is it cute!
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