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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by Into the void, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Into the void

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    I just picked this bad boy up from the salvation army it appears to be unworn and in great condition but i tried doing research on the tag that just says "fashions of hawaii" Not the popular "sun fashions of hawaii" and the typography is all different anyways so i don't think they are related. Can anyone help me date this dress and maybe gather more information on the brand? The colors look 1960s to me but i know every decade has pretty much done hawaiian prints since the 40s. There is a lot number on the tag and a RN that when i looked it up brought me to waikiki fashions LTD . It also has two 19 inch slits running up either side with a decorative tie. Any help would be amazing!

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  2. bycinbyhand

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  3. Looks late 60s early 70s and those buttons look just like the ones that are on a Hawaiian shirt I'm getting ready to list!!!
  4. Linn

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    I have been living in Hawaii since 1972, and think it is more recent but I haven't been able to find out anything about the label which looks newer to me than late 1960's. The very bright "fluorescent" colors and overscale pattern plus the style of the dress with the slits and ties look more recent, as well. I'll try and see what if anything I can find out. Long mu'u mu'u's are still being being produced in Hawaii, in China and other countries. I don't think it's "new" but it might be newer than late '60's. Is there any care information on the underside of the tag or anywhere?
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  5. Into the void

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    Just an rn-35590 and under it says 100% cotton size L and a lot number-1 . No serged seams. Thank you all for all the help
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  7. Kelsey E

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    Into the Void, did you ever decide on a date for this dress? I found one with an identical tag and a larger scale print in red and navy but it's a mini shift dress. I was thinking 60s but wanted to see if you had luck finding anything out about it.
  8. The Vintage Merchant

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    the label and colorway and print all look very mid 1990s to me (which is still vintage...)

    over the years, the fashion industry in Hawaii has turned to the past for inspiration for prints, colorways, and some manufacturers even resurrect their old fonts/labels for retro lines.

    in the 90s, the retro look was particularly strong. some companies specialized in 60s looks, others in 70s looks. and, there are/were lots of small companies that would experiment with fashion lines to try to market them to the larger retailers, such as Liberty House.
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  9. The label and the paper tag under it still look more early 70s to me.
  10. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    good point, Bonnie! i missed seeing that. and agree, that paper tag would date it pre-90s...even in the 80s, a lot of manufacturers in Hawaii
    were using stamped interfacing labels rather than the paper ones, so very possible it is 70s. sorry for my oversight.
  11. Into the void

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    I never figured it out but when I wrote this post I was still somewhat of a novice as I was only a month into doing the whole vintage clothing thing! Now I realize that it was probably 80s or 90s as I’ve come across a lot of 60s barkcloth Hawaiian dresses and the prints have a certain look to them this one looks like a newer reproduction. But thank you everyone for your help! So wonderful to have this source!

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