Dating this lace dress

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  1. acceber

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    At first I thought it might be from the 80s, but when I got it home and gave it a closer look, now I’m not so sure. It reminds me so much of that other I posted recently. The lace is old and rather crisp. I don’t think I dare try washing it. All the seams are unfinished and not pinked, and there isn’t even a hem. Maybe it was homemade? It has little tulle shoulder inserts and cloth covered buttons with what looks like twine loops. The skirt starts very low down, almost at thigh level. Not a sign of any tags or labels. Thanks very much for your help!

    7B11DD87-F11E-4B5A-ACD9-C22290E1A589.jpeg 2D766755-3A03-49F1-A2FD-7BF1BC41B182.jpeg 786AF96D-D1B9-454C-BACE-18B08F428BE2.jpeg 862FB6AF-5C0A-484E-A2A8-E28095B2F9D5.jpeg 9197592D-8C5F-4710-8278-583E2489AEAF.jpeg E20FCB0F-E0A2-421D-9F48-1012277177EC.jpeg 588D7B6A-244F-4F67-8C75-9EB7017242CC.jpeg 326DAF36-5C90-415C-9230-6FAF07AF8F38.jpeg 5D726B26-6970-4CBB-9BC0-21B971A560DA.jpeg
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  3. Linn

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    It looks '80's to me too.
  4. Jonathan

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    yup 1986-87ish
  5. acceber

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    The year I graduated high school. Awesome. lol Thank you!

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