Dating/Who designed this Jacqmar BOAC speedbird print silk scarf?

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  1. Pinkcoke

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    This is an item that turned out to be far more interesting than I initially expected. I believe it is silk and it's hand rolled. I picked it up because I liked the super bright colours and striking print.
    Reading a few scarf websites indicated some notable designers worked with Jacqmar so I went looking around online, and after a few searches I found a navy and white version listed as part of the 1970's uniform for British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC); a defunct state airline that was the result of a merger in 1940 and merged again in 1974 to form British Airways. The arrow shape represents the 'Speedbird' plane and was the company logo. I would love to find out who designed the scarf. Hardy Amies designed uniforms for BA 3 times in their history but I imagine the scarf designer was chosen by Jacqmar.
    I've found a pink, and blue version online, both of which are shades of, rather than a mix like this one. I haven't seen another yellow/green scarf. It's unclear from what I've read if these were also part of the official summer uniforms, or possibly gifts/souvenir purchases by passengers?
    The Jaqcmar logo on mine is the brushstroke style, whereas the other examples I saw have a more solid font. Does anyone have any logo examples I can compare this to? (note: I'm surprised Jacqmar isn't in the Label Resource, so I will definitely be contributing to an entry after this :) )


    N.B.I really wish there was a save draft function on the forum, I've had to write this a few times now grr
  2. sarah-jane

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    I have that Jacqmar script - with the accompanying paper bag - on a scarf I was sure was early 70s. You're right Melanie, we need an entry on the Label Resource for it. I will get my bag photographed for it. Our entry should include this verse from my favourite John Betjeman poem, Middlesex:

    Well cut Windsmoor flapping lightly,
    Jacqmar scarf of mauve and green
    Hiding hair which, Friday nightly,
    Delicately drowns in Drene;
    Fair Elaine the bobby-soxer,
    Fresh-complexioned with Innoxa,
    Gains the garden - father's hobby -
    Hangs her Windsmoor in the lobby,
    Settles down to sandwich supper and the television screen.

    On a less cerebral level, I've found anything related to BOAC comes with lots of pounds signs attached!
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  3. Pinkcoke

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    Well BOAC items don't seem plentiful, but it's good cross market for sure, scarves, airlines, designers!
    I've just had a suggestion that the colours could be country related - Blue, green and yellow is Brazil's flag colours, though whether or not BOAC would have been travelling there in those decades I've no idea.
  4. Midge

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    Great find - lovely scarf!

    It may well have been that a different color variation was worn with a summer uniform or for a special destination or a different rank or that they were sold as souvenirs - all these are possible. I have Swissair souvenir hankies which are in the style of their old advertising posters.
    Uniform freak's website has a navy and white version only: However, you could ask Cliff if you haven't already done so, he might know anyway. He has tons of vintage air crew photos on his Facebook page too, but no BOAC images...

  5. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Trade Member

    Thanks Karin,
    I have sent an e-mail to Cliff, and have also been searching BOAC images but not found any with the scarves yet...
  6. cmpollack

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  7. Pinkcoke

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    Thanks Carrie, it was that site that led to me discovering it was BOAC design, there isn't actually many examples on that website though, and I've yet to find the rhyme or reason to their order :no:
    But another plus is I had already seen a friend had THIS Shakepeare Jacqmar scarf for sale, and now I'm determined to go back and buy it! well, having just performed Macbeth :)
  8. Leonardo da Vintage

    Leonardo da Vintage Administrator Staff Member

    I found it in pink

    Here on ebay

    In a turquoise blue

    and just seen in orange,
    at this auction house

    And best of all in your yellow/green colourway
    Here on Worthpoint
    With this accompanying text: "I purchased this beautiful Jacqmar scarf as a present for my mother when I was flying BOAC to Mexico in 1968. It's now 44 years old and the condition is as good as the day it was made."

    So if that seller's memory is accurate, it was from 1968, and was available as a souvenir, as Karin suggested.
  9. sewingmachinegirl

    sewingmachinegirl Administrator

    Melanie that Shakespeare scarf is to die for!!
  10. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Trade Member

    Ruth that's ACE!!! Sorry I didn't mean I couldn't see BOAC examples on that website, I did find the pink & blue examples but not the others, and the best is last as you say. Wow that is the best sort of information!

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