Diane Von Furstenberg? cute dress with weird label

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    hi fellow vintage lovers! this dress is so cute but...have you ever seen this DVF label? I would date this dress in the sixties but the label is nothing I've ever come across, it seems nicely handmade and the label is pressed on not sewn, font is not exactly like my other DVF's, I've done all the homework I'm willing to do for this so hopefully there's a more edumicated peep on here, thanks in advance:) (Feb21,2019)

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  2. gaildavid

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    Just a hunch, but I wonder if it was a label included in the pattern. I have had Vogue patterns with the labels included to be sewn on the finished garment.

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    hi Gail thanks for replying, I thought the labels that come with her old patterns say "for Vogue Patterns" so they wouldn't be mistaken for a store bought dress? I would like to find this dress a good home but haven't listed it because it's a mystery, thanks so much for your response:)
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    To me it looks like the printed copyright wording cut off the selvedge of some fabric and ironed on like a label.
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    Good Morning Gail, Melanie, ~Donna, and Hollis Jenkins-Evans, thank you so much for helping with this puzzle, very appreciated! I looked all through the inside seams to see if it's DVF fabric and there's nothing hidden in there. So, I took the DVF label out and will list it as unbranded, it's still really cute and nicely made regardless of a label, thanks again, wishing you a beautiful day! :) (March 3, 2019)

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