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Does Jewelry Count?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by kevinjohnnyc, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. kevinjohnnyc

    kevinjohnnyc Member

    I've always loved sparkles! I can't believe I found this in my neighborhood thrift. But it wasn't too inexpensive as they kinda know what things are. Still a fantastic deal! A Huge Pre-1955 Crown Trifari Pekingese Jelly Belly in excellent condition...

    <img src="http://kevinjohndoherty.com/ebay/july/jelly1.jpg">

    <img src="http://kevinjohndoherty.com/ebay/july/jelly2.jpg">

    <img src="http://kevinjohndoherty.com/ebay/july/jelly3.jpg">

    <img src="http://kevinjohndoherty.com/ebay/july/jelly4.jpg">
  2. Very cool Kevin!!! Are you keeping it for the collection or parting with it. Vintage brooches are going to be ultra hot this Fall!!
  3. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    This months In Style Magazine has a great 4 page article about vintage jewelry.

    Those jelly belly pins do very well. Thats a really cool one!
  4. b*a*vintagequeen

    b*a*vintagequeen Registered Guest

    OHHHHHHH Jelly Bellies do VERY well and this should be no exception! I hope you got it for a steal!!!
  5. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Yep, brooches are really making a wonderful comeback and Kevin your's is not only rhinestone, jelly-belly, but also
    figurative of a dog (animal related always seems to do

    Good find!

  6. kevinjohnnyc

    kevinjohnnyc Member

    Thanks Guys!

    I did kind of get a steal. Not a buck —but less than $25! Being a dog lover, it's going to be very hard to part with this one. I haven't decided if I'm selling or keeping. I also got a sweet sparrow with pink AB rhinestones by Sarah Coventry at the same time. (for $2) Worth considerably less. I may keep the sparrow for myself and sell this jelly belly while vintage jewelry is hot!

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