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  1. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    I think I need to get a life.

    I've bought myself yet another Dollyrocker dress... but this time I'm super giddy as it's arrived with it's tag still attatched. I've never seen a Dollyrocker tag before and feel like I've just fallen back into the 60s and bought a Dollyrocker direct from a dress boutique!

    I can't believe how giddy I'm getting about it. The tag will have to come off as the dress is so divine that I'll have to wear it tonight when I go out.. so I'm now going to sit and try and remove the tag as gently as possible so I can preserve both things.

    So if someone sees a spare life hanging about, send it my way cos I really need one.

    Link to Dollyrocker dress and tag

    love, moons and starrs,
  2. That's so cute! I love the color and cut. Wow...that IS rare too...with an original label.

    I was so mad once that i found a skirt with a really cool label. It was a mini Life magazine because the new synthetic fabric was introduced in ad form in that magazine. AND THEN THE LADY AT THE COUNTER RIPPED IT OFF. that was the whole point in me buying the skirt and I was SOOO disappointed. She even threw it away. I didn't realize it as she packed things up with her back turned to me until I got home!

    So, if you need to get a life, then so do I!

  3. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    Who needs a new life, when you can pick up dresses like this! :)

    I've seen the label many times, never seen an original tag though - thanks!
  4. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    That's so cool!!

    (and Chris, so painful!!)

    Another one in need of a life here...
  5. Wow Senti!

    That's awesome!! And that tag, it's huge!!!

    What fabric is the dress made out of? It's lovely!! Send us a photo of you wearing it!!!!!!!!

    Do we have a Dollyrocker section in the label resource?? If not, maybe you could write a bio and submit it with some of your labels!?

    What do you think?


    By the way, how did you like the green "goth xmas" mini dress???
  6. There is a dollyrockers bio by Senti and Lizzie in the resource :)

    I see your cool labels are already there!
  7. Well, that shows you how much I pay attention! I'm only on the label board like once a day!! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Emily Litella would say, "never mind."

  8. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    Argh! How dreadful that she ripped the tag off! I'd have been devastated too! :(

    Chris, your story has reminded me how friends at school used to bring clothes tags in for me from a cerain range of jeans as the tags were like mini postcards had 60s pictures on them... I must have always been strangely impressed by tags! LOL!

    I'm glad there are some other people who need to get lives too! And my mother didn't flinch when I told her I was keeping the tag when I saw her yesterday, so either she's getting used to my strange ways or she's been programmed into my "preserving fashion history" mode.

    It's probably her fault I'm so wild about vintage clothing anyway, she bought some amazing clothes in the sixties and saved all her favourites even though they were horrendously out of fashion and would never fit her. So as soon as I got into 60s fashion there was an instant supply of fabulous outfits in the loft! My Nan kept her favourites too, so I nicked some of those from mum's loft too. We keep saying we need to go up there and go through Nana's clothes again. My grandad used to buy her some very expensive outfits and there's quite a few fancy labels up there. Most people wouldn't be seen dead in their mum and grandmother's clothes but both of mine had such far out and expensive taste in clothes that no-one with any sense of style could possibly not appreciate them.

    I found the Dollyrocker tag absoloutely huge too Maureen, isn't it weird?! Obviously Mr Sherman was so proud of his range that he wanted to shout it from the rooftops or something, you'd almost see the tag before you saw the outfit!

    My friend Carol keeps saying we should take some pictures of me in my favourite sixties gear while we're preparing Elizabeth's Hardy Amies lots for ebay, and another friend has sugested I photograph my Dollyrocker range for inclusion on her Pattie Boyd site, so I might just be brave and take a picture of me in this dress and let you see it, LOL!

    The fabric on the dress is silk - like all my late 60s Dollyrockers. These things cost me an absoloute fortune in dry cleaning! But they look so fabulous on that they're worth it. I'm getting to the stage now where my daytime wear for special occasions always has to be a Biba and my evening wear always has to be a Dollyrocker. I've never known clothes to fit me so perfectly til I started buying those two, and they both require expert cleaning! God help me if I'm ever without a job!

    Margaret - I'm amazed (and quite jealous!) that you've seen the Dollyrocker label many times. I seem to be constantly on the hunt for it, and it's proved quite elusive in the past! So if anyone finds any hiding anywhere, yell out! I'm trying to calm down with the long victorian styled 70s dresses but I still can't resisit the mini dresses and 60s maxi dresses!

    And Maureen - the gothic green dress is *fabulous*, fits like a glove, and I am still trying to find the perfect event to wear it to. It's *almost* had about seven outings, but each time I've decided the public weren't ready for it yet, so I've put it on hold. LOL! I've decided I need proper 60s obsessives to appreciate this one. ;) And you are such a sweetie for sending the earings, they are perfect!

    I'll shut up now! LOL!

    love, moons and starrs,
  9. When you find something that you like and suits you, I say there is nothing wrong with seeking em out and buying. it is much better than a closet full of mistakes, ill conceived ideas, and things that don't make you feel comfortable or don't look good on you. They will just sit and you will never wear em. When i was working in a suit job I had several of the exact same style Jones New York Blazer in different colors/fabrics because i knew I could count on that they would look aprorpiate on me. There were so many things over the years when I just wasn't aware of what looked good on my shape and with my complexion....or ...more likely, I wanted to so bad wear a certain look and it just clashed with me. It certainly saves you a lot of money, and you wear your clothes beyond a passing phase that you go through or a trend if you buy a bunch of similar things.

    I have to buy patent leather driving loafers everytime i can find em...Antonio Bossi in particular (or that's the brand that got me hooked) but I am open to others that are well made. They all have leather soles, etc, but that is not a 100% requirement. It may be boring to people, but i can wear em with anything from, jeans to pencil skirts, and they blend well with modern stuff, Mod, and so much more, and I don't get sick of em. I love shoes but am not one to buy shoes for every outfit. They go with everything except evening dresses and 50s cotton summer dresses when something a bit more feminine is in order.

  10. BTW.

    We would love to see pictures of you in dollyrockers!

    And also, you should really consider photographing your whole collection some time for the sake of documentation. (but we would love to see it too!)
  11. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    Oh gosh, if you can find shoes that go with everything and are actually comfortable, you should buy them by the case load! I'm a total shoe junkie (and even more so a knee-high-boot junkie) but have so many shoes that don't go with anything or aren't comfortable or aren't sensible for wearing anywhere but indoors.

    My mother always said that if I found a pair of shoes that were comfy that I knew I was going to wear to death then I should go straight back to the shop and buy two or three extra pairs. And I am so glad she told me that. I still get to the stage where I've worn my last pair out, but it's so much less painful throwing shoes out when you've got a back up pair, or when you've thrown two other exact worn-out pairs out earlier.

    I'm also glad this is something my mu has been doing for decades as it's given me the chance to aquire her fave shoes too - if she's got two exact pairs of a vinage shoe she's more willing to let me borrow (and usually not give back, LOL) one pair. She had some red suede dolly shoes with a patent leather criss-cross cut out pattern and then an open weave lace up fastening which were beyond divine, and she let me have one of her two pairs which I wore whenever I could get away with it... and I wore them so often she decided I could have the matching handbag! I love my mum! :)

    I even wore them for my driving test for good luck and my driving instructor said "there is no way you can drive in such high heels" so being stubborn I replied "you just watch me!" and he had to admit it was the best I'd ever driven. ...and I passed. :)

    love, moons and starrs,
  12. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    It'd take me forever to photograph my entire collection! I'm so fussy that I'd have to co-ordinate my hair, make-up and accessories to match before I put them on! ...I shall have to get into the habit of getting photographed in them before I actually leave the house. It would be quite groovy to have a catalogue like that of my collection. I might just do that. :)

    love, moons and starrs,
  13. The problem is finding more of those shoes. There was a shop where i used to live but i live way far out of civilization now. maybe they would let me order over the phone. :)

    I will admit that i own a pair of mirror heeled shoes that are "indoors only" but and I am getting rid of a lot of my other stuff i never wear ever because it just sits there taking up space.

    What a cool mother you have!

  14. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    My mother is tremendously cool. I have trouble understanding why the rest of civilization has a mother-daughter fashion clash, and if my Nana were still around I'm sure I'd be the same with her. They were both *such* individual dressers, and had such exquisite taste. I think Nana would object to me wearing her designer gear to noisy mod clubs though. LOL! I'm so used to them having saved all their best gear that when I go through old family photos and I see and outfit I like, I always ask "where is it?". There's a few they got rid of that I am distraught about (like some really wild 20s/30s trousers my Nan wore) but mainly I can get my hands on things.

    Mum and I have a slight music clash in that she can't stand The Who and that I can't stand her bland wishy washy versions of songs (Daniel O Donnel singing bland rock'n'roll covers when you can buy the wild fabulous original versions), but even with music we do better than any other family I know. We go to a lot of gigs together. She's not really like a mum, she's more like the friend I'd have if I'd actually lived in the 1960s... and her clothes sense is much more up to date than mine! LOL!

    The mirror heeled shoes sound amazing! There's one pair of shoes mum has never ever leant me and they're deep blue satin with incredibly high heels that are covered entirelywith diamante. Every female for miles around knows of these shoes, they're quite legendary in West Yorkshire! LOL! She's only leant them out *once* that I know of.

    I really should raid her shoe closet (yes, she has a whole wardrobe piled high with shoe boxes) and check out what is actually in there and what makes they are. I know there's loads of Italian shoes and Miss Rayne shoes, but other than that I don't know.

    love, moons and starrs,
  15. The orange mirrored shoes can be found on this page. they are later shoes..80s...but definitely indoor shoes!!


    my mother and i do not have the same fashion sense. She wears beige, and all her clothing gifts to me have either been very baggy or very Hester Prinn like....covered like a quaker. But so over the top so that unlike a black turleneck and a slim cut pair of jeans, people would think i was a nun or something.

    I guess you can't win em all!
  16. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    Yes, a couple of years back I seemed to be picking up nothing but the British Boutique stuff, and had a few Sambo and Dollyrockers. Haven't got anything at the moment though - just Quad and Mr Darren - but have a stack load of stuff to sort through!

    I'll give you a yell if I have or get something! :)
  17. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    Senti! I just remembered I have another Dollyrockers - it's probably going to go on the website but it's SUCH a pain to photograph!! Certainly not new with tags though ;)

    <img src="http://members.sparedollar.com/talentedamateur/dollyrocker1.jpg"><img src="http://members.sparedollar.com/talentedamateur/dollyrocker2.jpg">
    <img src="http://members.sparedollar.com/talentedamateur/dollyrocker3.jpg">

  18. I am so jealous that you have such a fabulous wealth of vintage fashions at your fingertips!! That's amazing your mum and nan saved everything!!

    When I look through family albums I can only sigh. My mom was quite the stylish dresser too and I would kill to be able to have some of her old outfits to wear. She kicks herself too for not keeping them!

    I guess I will have to live vicariously through you Senti!!

    Hugs ~ Maureen
  19. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    That dress is *fabulous* Liz, it's soooo Maureen Starkey, I love it! ...and I can't wait for your site to be up and running, just the front page looks fabulous!

    I am *very* lucky with my mum saving things, and sometimes letting me have them. She does enjoy saying "I used to fit into that!" and "my daughter loves my sense of fashion, she wears my old clothes", LOL! It does feel like there's an endless supply of exciting new vintage things for me to look through.

    I think I am going to have to raid her shoe closet again, if only just to oooh and ahhh over everything, but maybe she'll let me borrow things here and there. I'm actually very lucky we're the same shoe size and were more or less the same dress size at the same age... I have to alter Nana's clothes when I claim them, which is naughty of me going around attacking beautiful vintage outfits, but they are so beautiful that I really really want to be able to wear them, and I know a very good dressmaker who helps me out. :)

    love, moons and starrs,
  20. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    Lurv that dress, Liz.

    On the maternal fashion influence thing - mine comes through militant and blanket watching of black and white movies from the earliest age.

    Unfortunately, as for material remains, nothing much. My mum made all her own clothes from Vogue patterns all the way through the late 40s, 50s and 60s, then changed shape in the 70s and go rid of them all. :(

    Unbeknownst to me, she also kept her 60s Vogue mags up until very recently, then chucked them thinking 'can't have these hanging around forever'

    It haunts my dreams and disturbs my sleep. ::):):):)(

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