Dutchmaid label ???

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by gimajo, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. gimajo

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    Any info on this label?


  2. jauntyrooster

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    Maybe you have already seen this one - make sure to read comments too if you haven't already viewed.

  3. vintagebaubles

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    Not sure when Dutchmaid went out of business, but living about 45 minutes from Ephrata, where they were located, I run across their items once in awhile. They were, I think, one of the major home party apparel companies in their time, at least up through maybe the the early 70s (maybe mid, as I think your darling set is mid 70s). And I very vaguely remember the name from when I was a kid, probably from TV or magazine ads. I haven't found anything after that 70's timeframe. And though they're well known for lingerie, I've seen casual dresses and adorable tops from them. They must have been very much like Beeline--nice-quality items, if not "fashion forward," but that wore like iron. I have a couple of slips--a woven nylon satin and a cotton one, and they are both beautiful and in wonderful condition.

    Wish I could tell you more about the timeframe they were in business, but even people around here seem to not know much about them. They know the name, but can't tell you a lot about the company.
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    Julie, that is so cute! I've seen a handful of Dutchmaid tops/blouses, but never a sweater from them. Thanks for alerting me to your listing--I've hearted it! Another thing about Dutchmaid, and your listing reminded me of it, they made "real-woman-sized" clothing. That could be in part because some of their line was marketed to a more mature woman, but I have seen a couple of "trendier" blouses from them.
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    I know this thread is terribly old now, but I did a little bit of my own research on a blouse and skirt set that I just acquired and here's what I found! They're called New Holland Apparel now.

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    This is a very old thread but I wanted to post in the event that anyone was still interested. Dutchmaid did stay viable through the 70’s - my mother was a supervisor and sold their clothing for most of my childhood - a wonderful company with unsurpassed quality- we still have several items that are being worn. Your outfit is adorable.

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