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  1. Naomi Joy

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    Hello all.

    I found a beautiful , possibly, early Joseph Ribkoff dress that I can not find any information on. Style number is 102. Zipper (lightning) back. Not sure on the material as there is no tag with that information. It looks to be hand (machine) sewn and it’s in PERFECT condition. I’m reaching out to everyone and anyone to see if I can date this item.
    I added some photos of it inside out so you can see the sewing job.:)

    thank you for your help.
    Naomi Joy 4AB96983-DB9F-4773-8BF4-48C1D5AC8F95.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. The Vintage Stylist

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    This looks 70s to me. Also, seems like it was a full length maxi at one time and then cut off - hard to tell without seeing it in person. Let's see who else has an idea...
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  3. Naomi Joy

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    Vintage stylist,
    Your right in it may have been made into a mini... the threading on the bottom is invisible thread that looks like it was hand sewn, where as the rest is the red thread..
    That makes more sense now with the two thread types.
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