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Ebay's SEARCH Button Change is Detrimental to Sales!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by bartondoll, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Ebay\'s SEARCH Button Change is Detrimental to Sales!

    Since Ebay implemented their very lame and ill-thoughtout
    'improvement' of removing the Search button on the
    tool bar and sticking it in the upper right hand corner, with the teeny letters of "Advanced Search" underneath for
    a seller search, I have noticed hits being waaaaaaaaaay
    down. A good percentage of my sales are to
    repeat customers, and it is next to impossible now for
    anyone that does not read Ebay's Announcements or
    the Community Boards to find a Seller.

    I am reaaaaallly miffed at this latest stupidity by Ebay.

    Who the heck is in their design dept? As someone on one of the ebay boards suggested, it must be a mole from a
    competitive site.

    Sue :(
  2. Even on the main "search page" you used to be able to check a box and search by seller/bidder, etc....but now once you get to the search page, you have to click another page to do by seller.

    I have found it very very valuable to have my ebay store for the very reason of repeat customers. instead of having to go through the drill of searching for me, they can just type in the url to my store and go directly to me.

    Ebay does have an area where you can put a seller in your favorite searches as well, but one doesn't always remember to go to that page. I have seen some folks put a link to that page on their about me page or auctions though to encourage it.

    I would stress that folks at least set up their "about me" page...even if its nothing fancy. ebay has templates. even if it is just a list of your auctions. It takes put a minute to have your auction list automatically up there, and at least your seller name or even a short paragraph. this way...people can type in

    http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/ your ebay id...

    and they can be instantly linked and they don't have to go through the "search". i know i have a few about me's bookmarked myself.
    to me, the store url is shorter and less cumbersome, but even the about me will help. It is epscecially helpful for those that list sporadically...

    If you already have one, then get the list of items at auction on it...and prominent. Or include the url on your receipts/paypal statements that you mail to people with their item vs just your id, and that will remind them to look up that page.

    The one good thing however about the search field at the top is people can "zip around" a lot faster in some cases, especially on pages where there wasn't a search field in the past. i would have to go back to the main ebay page when i ended up at a store, etc...to start again...

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