Elegant leather shoes, 'Made in Gerona' Possibly 70s?

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  1. Anna Evans

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    Hi again,
    I am in the process of selling my vintage hoard from the last 20 odd years, hence all the questions! I'm very grateful for your help so far.
    I have this stunning pair of heels that I bought in a wonderful charity shop in Florence.
    I have very little experience of dating vintage shoes. I would imagine that these are 70s but I could be out by a decade. The underside is black plastic and they are stamped with a size 8. They appear to be around a UK 5.5 in modern sizing.
    The ankle straps are long and designed to wrap around the ankle twice. I have tried researching Baro, Gerona and the Gerona shoe trade but have not come up with anything thus far.

    il_340x270.1911751847_n1ia.jpg il_340x270.1864231524_5dva.jpg il_340x270.1916243699_fz3b.jpg il_340x270.1911751957_giaj.jpg il_340x270.1864231524_5dva.jpg
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  2. Jonathan

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    Trying to find info on Italian shoemakers is like trying to find info on Parisian dressmakers.. there are a LOT of them and outside of the big names, it's hard to find info. They are nicely made sandals, and late 70s, possibly as late as 1980. Never heard of Bara though...
  3. Anna Evans

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    Thanks very much Jonathan! I keep wishing there was such a thing as a directory of labels. I guess that would be an impossible and gargantuan task for anyone to compile.
  4. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Anna, the VFG does have a label resource - see here: https://vintagefashionguild.org/label-resource/ But of course we can also only put in there what we know and have at least a few facts to go with :). Unfortunately there are so many great makers out there about which we'll probably never know much because they don't exist anymore...

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