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    This is a really odd tie. It's fuzzy wool that reminds me of an outdoor carpet from Home Depot. There's no Zegna label, only the embossed name on the underside. There is a label that says "Made in Italy for Louis International". That name brings up a temp agency in the Philippines that's been around for about twenty years, a newer California electronics company, and an international patent office in Taipei that's been around since the 1970s. I'd guess it was made for the last one but I can't find any link between the two companies anywhere. Does anyone have an age estimate on this tie? Thank you! IMG_2065.JPG IMG_2066.JPG
  2. StyleSurprise

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    PS..."Ermenegildo" is misspelled on the Label Resource page.
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    How should it be spelt? It's currently "Ermenegildo" - that's right isn't it?

    Zegna are primarily textile producers so it may be that your tie is made of Zegna fabric but isn't necessarily a Zegna tie. Without the label, it's hard to be sure. Your tie looks 1970s to me.
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    Thank you for your reply! I assumed it was a Zegna tie because of the embossed name on the back side of the tie.

    I guess someone corrected the spelling. It was spelled "Ermenegilde" when I first looked.

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