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Europe Craft Import Wool Coat - Made in West Germany

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by JCavaz04, Nov 20, 2021.

  1. JCavaz04

    JCavaz04 Registered Guest

    I recently found this beauty at a local thrift store. Does anyone have any information regarding the maker as well as any guesses at how old it might be. I have seen some other coats with similar labels that were made in Poland and Yugoslavia.

    Any help or additional resource information would be appreciated.

    Thank you! 65904706330__25C146BB-00F3-4BB7-94F5-093B8DEB92F8.jpeg 65904722223__700A5995-4969-43F4-A4D2-60F0ECB42DA8.jpeg
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