Everyone Wears Sweaters . . . even poodles! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of November 6th

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    As we salute everyone's all-time favorite knitted wardrobe item, get ready to unfold the sweaters from summer storage and parade out the best of the best. Sweaters are as popular as ever, and trending this year in a big way are cable knits. Sweaters for men, children, babies, ladies, and even the pooches: let's make this our best sweater parade ever. Feature the luxury fibers of cashmere and mohair, holiday themes, colorful ethnics, such as fair isle, traditional heavy Aran styles, as well as beaded and embroidered beauties for evening. A heyday for Sweater Girls, this parade will feature sweater "sets," cropped, sporty, crew necks, cardigans, boyfriends, vests, and oversized. Celebrate with sweater-knit accessories, such as legwarmers. hats, ties, mitts, muffs, scarfs and gloves, as well as sweater-clips and jewelry for sweaters, too.

    Image: 1950s Coats & Clark Knitting Pattern Cover Illustration, Publication No. 291
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