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    I went to the James Buchanan house in Lancaster PA on Monday. This Worth dress was worn by his niece--Harriet Lane. She served as Buchanan's "First Lady" and gave the money to establish the pediatric center at John Hopkins Hospital.

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    Gorgeous! Love to see Worth in real time.

    Claire, what is the year they attached to this gown?
  4. Claire you were right in my area!!!
    I have not been to the museum in years.
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    I also met some lace makers from Lancaster on Sun. at Winterthur--fascinating ladies.
  6. There are also a group of spinners and weavers who make the news at our Farm Show every year. Most of them raise their own sheep too.
    You would enjoy seeing and talking to them also.
    I might have to take a trip to Wheatland now.
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    WOW! That's beautiful!

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