Fresh Vintage from VFG Members • Aug. 3 - Aug. 9

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    Veni, vidi, vici vintage!

    VFG members may have the greatest vintage since the great Roman Empire. Come take a look!


    Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra", 1963.
    Costume design by Renie Conley. Jewelry by Bulgari.
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  6. More Vintage Whimsies......

    Vintage 1960s Whimsy Hat Faux White Leather Bow

    Vintage 1960s Skol Nips Black Bow Whimsy Hat

    Vintage 1960s Blue Ribbon Whimsy Hat

    Vintage 1960s Skol Nips Gray Ribbon Whimsy Hat

    whitestrawhat copy.jpg
    Vintage 1960s Mr. John Classic Woven White Cellophane Straw Picture Hat

    Available at My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    1970s mini dress and jacket pattern Vogue 7727 B34 uncut

    1980s kid's mouse costume pattern Burda 6366 multiple sizes, unopened
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    1970s silver zodiac pendant for sagittarius, plus necklace
    Similar pendants for aries and taurus are also available in my shop.
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