Fresh Vintage from VFG Members - Week of July 20 - 26

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    Every Thursday VFG members share some of their most recent listings on this thread. What temptations do you have to show us this week? And thank you for sharing!

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    1940's Black Crepe Dress with Zig Zag Purple Graphic
    Vintage 1960's Pan Am Bag
    1930's Back Velvet Bias Evening Dress
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    This sold almost as soon as it was listed but I wanted to share it anyway.
    1950s Jantzen Cherry/Strawberry Embroidered Swimsuit

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    Bernat sequined sweater/jacket kit to knit yourself - ivory with aurora borealis sequins 1960s

    Several vintage pattern knitting books from the early 1960s listed this week.
    Below, Reynolds Continental Collection, Couturier Fashions!
    s-l1600 (24).jpg

    This one, Quick Knit Bulky Sweaters
    s-l1600 (25).jpg

    This one from 1975:
    s-l1600 (28).jpg

    1936 Worth Yarns knitting fashion book cross-promoting motion pictures & starlets! Featuring:
    Evelyn Knapp starring in "Laughing Irish Eyes"
    Evelyn Venable, "Alice Adams" feature player
    Joan Barclay (appearing in leading parts for Reliable Picture Corporation)
    Isabel Jewell featured in "Big Brown Eyes" a Wanger-Paramount Production
    Sonia Mitchell, Twentieth Century-Fox contract player
    s-l1600 (29).jpg

    More pattern books not shown here . . . .

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