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    Hey again! Just acquired a new coat, but I'm not sure what type of fur it is. Can anyone help? It's in rough shape, some of the longer hairs around the neck have stuck together and curled - I can't tell if the trim is supposed to be like that or if it's just from improper care over the years.

    Label reads Turck Pels, with a smaller one inside saying "made in Denmark".




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    Update: After wearing it, I can say with confidence that it isn't fox or mink. It's a very light coat for its size and incredibly warm, and doesn't have the dense underfur like fox. The longer, curled bits definitely aren't supposed to be like that, I think it was stored in a dirty box in someone's basement for a while. I'm planning on sending it off for cleaning but wanted to try to figure out the type beforehand.

    I'm starting to think it might be some kind of monkey or ape.
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    Hi there, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier but it is near as Mary Jane said.
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    Ooh, lovely. Thank you guys so much!

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