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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by acceber, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    Just looking for what type of fur this is, both the collar and the coat. The coat is a very short fur and might be faux fur? Thank you!

    A70E2A7A-4D9C-4F27-B6C7-063CF293ED89.jpeg 7E008708-629D-44F5-AA35-E124F4535E5D.jpeg DF079AE9-205C-4F36-92BD-63BE805CA7C1.jpeg 4B0F77F9-654B-42A1-9D1F-DC5542FF1DCE.jpeg 899369A6-8FBA-4EF7-A737-B9D66961D859.jpeg
  2. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Alumni +

    The body of the coat could be plush.
  3. Furwise

    Furwise Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there, the collar is mink and the body looks faux. Is the hem of the lining open so you can see inside?

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