Game #1 The Vintage Fashion Price is Right Round 6

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  1. Furwise

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    Round 6 of Game #1
    The first to guess within 10% of the original price back then when new wins.
    We will start a new Vintage Fashion Price is Right thread each time we have a winner. The one who wins the most by the end of the month gets $10 credited to their PayPal account.

    We saw this one in one of our guess the dates. It is a dress that dates to 1934.
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  8. 10.95
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    Someone is really close.
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  18. Furwise

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    Not yet. I thought this would be a tough one. It's strange how prices varied so much back then.
    I couldn't believe the price. Extremely hard to get within 10% of it because of it.
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