Game #6 What was your best vintage buy ever?

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  1. pastperfect2

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    No! Really I'm not. But you can imagine how my heart went pitter pat when I found it. Seller had labeled it an 1870s bustle dress.
  2. jazzbug

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    My $2 Jonathan Logan 1940's black velvet dress. Found at a DAR (Daughers of the American Revolution) thrift shop in South Carolina. I wore it for at least 2 decades. I loved it so much, I was photographed in it:


    The clueless photographer didn't get the whole dress in! It was mid-calf length, and double breasted at the bodice, which was unbuttoned for this photo shoot -- ahh, that's why he didn't care about looking at the hemline!

    Dated January 1980
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  3. bycinbyhand

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  4. This continues to make me jealous in a way that is extremely unattractive.
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  5. MsMaisy

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    Hahaha. I've had a mummified lizard fall out of a box before. A perfect lizard, just.....mummified!!!

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