gent's 1950's trousers/pants for play on 27th Nov

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  1. Hattysattic

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    gent\'s 1950\'s trousers/pants for play on 27th Nov

    I have a young man who just bought my Lit Bros jacket ( )to wear in a production, and he needs some period trousers to match. Don't think he's too fussy as long as they look the part, so brown or black would be ok:

    "I would like some trousers that might match the jacket. I am quite small with a large waist but can adapt the trousers. I need about a 36-38 waist and 27-29 leg

    If you could help I would be grateful as i need them for a production week commencing 27th"

    post or u2u me and i shall let him know! thanks!! :)
  2. The only pants I have that don't match suits is an XXL but i will double check for you
  3. denisebrain

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    No trousers, but I must say golly, you take lovely photos Harriet!
  4. Hattysattic

    Hattysattic Alumni

    thanks chris, no worries if not as i told him the only ones i have are too small (and all navy for some reason!). and thank you maggie - praise indeed coming from you! still working on lighting, but i think that's going to be an ongoing struggle!

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