Get The Look: Diana, Princess of Wales ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 20th

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    Just in time for the upcoming exhibition that will focus on the style of Princess Diana, Diana: My Fashion Story (which opens February 24th at Kensington Palace where Lady Di once lived), we present this lively parade of 1980s-1990s royal looks.

    According to the Palace, "The exhibition will bring together an extraordinary collection of garments, ranging from the glamorous evening gowns worn on engagements in the Eighties, to the chic Catherine Walker suits that made up Diana's working wardrobe in the Nineties. The princess' relationship with her favorite designers will also be explored through a display of some of their original fashion sketches, created for her during the design process."

    Parading out all "HRH-worthy" jewels (real and faux), big button earrings of the time, and of course, pearls and tiaras; designer and non-designer wear that was popular in the these two decades, consisting of professional women's wear, millinery a' la Diana-style, military-inspired fashions with epaulets & loads of gold buttons, plaids; evening/ball gowns with all the accoutrements, such as evening bags, shoes, wraps. Don't forget down home, casual khakis, sweaters worn on outings to Scotland, and preppy shirts of the day. Some of Diana's favorite designers were: David and Elizabeth Emanuel (designers of her wedding gown), Bruce Oldfield, Catherine Walker, Victor Edelstein, Gianni Versace, Christian Lacroix, and Emanuel.

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    il_570xN.489191210_5z4m (1).jpg
    1980s Givenchy evening gown pattern with big shoulder ruffle Vogue Paris Original 1374

    1980s Givenchy suit and blouse pattern Vogue Paris Original 1925

    1980s asymmetric cocktail dress

    1980s large gold-tone heart brooch
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    NATIONAL KINDNESS DAY Planned for March

    There's going to be a holiday in honor of Princess Diana — and it will celebrate the exact thing that made her so loved.

    To mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's 1997 death, The Diana Award, an organization established in 1999, will celebrate her life's work through a year-long series of events. The charity, which runs many initiatives such as anti-bullying campaigns, will launch the international Legacy Award, given to 20 exceptional youth members who have successfully demonstrated positive social change, as well as a new app and a holiday based off of Diana's loving spirit, National Kindness Day, reports UK's Express newspaper. The holiday's main purpose is to inspire people to do something for others.

    The Princess' brother, Earl Spencer, is said to be involved with most of the planning and will host an exhibit at his family's home entitled, "Walking in Her Shoes," in addition to a gala fundraising event for The Diana Award charity. Prince William and Prince Harry are slated to take part in a number of events, though it is still uncertain what those will be. But the two princes have recently opened up about their struggles following their mother's death.

    In addition to The Diana Award events that are planned, Kensington Palace will create a Diana memorial garden, which will feature an exhibition of Diana's outfits to celebrate her iconic style.
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    1980s Lace & Ruffle Collar to sew-on

    1980s Lux Fabric Louis Feraud Wrap Skirt
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  8. dianahat copy.jpg
    Vintage 1980s Burgundy Wool Felt Sculpted Hat with Feather Detail

    blackdress copy.jpg
    Vintage Late 1980s-Early 1990s Scaasi Boutique Black Silk Dress

    lauraashleyhat copy.jpg
    Vintage 1980s Laura Ashley Breton Style Hat Wool Felt Made in Great Britain

    dianagown copy.jpg
    Vintage 1980s Victor Costa Black Velvet and Silver Brocade Evening Gown

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    I try to avoid the fashion parade because it has so many temptations. I love Maggie's dress but since it fits her it won't fit me.

    I don't think I can live without the Mugler suit. The collar is fabulous.
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    At, beaded flames over illusion netting

    This cocoon coat is wearable art by Ignacio Peri

    Neon pink silk jersey dress from Holly Harp

    And at Etsy, purple pumps by Carlos Falchi
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    Lots of her many looks in this nicely homemade video!

    Follow this parade on our FB page after watching!


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