Get the Look: Jayne Mansfield ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of April 8th

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    Get the Look: Jayne Mansfield
    With Viva Las Vegas coming April 18-21, what better time to extol the style of glamour girl Jayne Mansfield? One of the most unabashedly self-promoting, confident sex symbols that ever graced a stage or screen (or tabloid or nightclub), Mansfield was dubbed the “Working Man’s Monroe.” She was the gaudiest and boldest of them all.

    In 1954, Mansfield adopted her signature color pink, and in her inimitable way, furnished with it (her house was called the Pink Palace), drove it (a pink Cadillac), drank it (her home had a fountain spurting pink champagne), and of course, wore it.

    This week, we splash out with Jayne-worthy swimwear, leopard prints, Sweater Girl sweaters, sheath dresses, low cut necklines, lingerie, and all things fabulously flamboyant.
  2. pinkpegset06.jpg
    Vintage 1960s Pink Peignoir Set Nightgown and Robe GMC

    Vintage 1950s Grace Taylor Original Black Dress Beaded Detail

    Vintage 1950s Sheared Rabbit Fur Muff Leopard Print Zippered Inner Pocket

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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  4. leopard robe,bustier,leather skirt,anothertimevintageapparel.jpg At my vintage clothing store inside Mad Moon Marketplace in Red Lion PA.

    Unworn corduroy leopard robe or coat. Black long line bra and black leather skirt.
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