Give Thanks for Vintage ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of November 19th

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    Give Thanks for Vintage

    It’s the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S., a fine time to gather round to say what makes us especially thankful about—you guessed it—vintage fashion!

    Do you have a heartwarming story about an item you’ve bought or sold? A happy customer story, or an item that became famous? What about a vintage find that has particular meaning to you? This is the week for the VFG members to show-and-tell what makes us most glad for vintage in our lives.
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    :wub: Such a sweet photo MJ.
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    I'm thankful for YOU Mary Jane, with your always fabulous contributions to Parades! Seriously, you deserve a medal!

    Darn it, I wrote this parade theme, and I find it almost impossible to know where to start (or end)! :oops:

    Since 1999 I have sold to several Parisian designers; an Aztec princess and school teacher; a woman working in the Pentagon (on 9/11/01) who apologized for paying me late for this raspberry-colored suit after part of her workplace was destroyed;


    a mayor’s wife; a mayor; an actress or two; several museum curators, journalists and writers; a policewoman; an opera singer; an indie music artist; a biologist; my neighbor; a woman in her 80s who wanted to relive an event from her youth; a girl of 13 who wanted to experience what her great-grandmother had experienced; a skiing star; my best friend. I have had loyal customers purchase full wardrobes from me; I’ve outfitted weddings and high school plays. I have had a young woman customer grow up, get married and have a daughter—and now her daughter is also one of my best customers.

    Among our members in this collage are Amy, Joules and Liza...also Louise who visits our forums often as a guest.

    Even if all I know of you is your postal code and that you purchased a blue polka dot blouse...I'm very thankful!

    Some may know I often try to raise funds for causes that mean a great deal to me, and not only have my customers tolerated my ongoing mentions of manatees, grizzly bears, and Dress for Success, but they have also supported my causes with me. There is no way I could be making a real impact for these causes without their support.

    Because of the VFG, I have numerous friendships with vintage clothing dealers, experts, and collectors...people without whom I would not be where I am. Not only do I learn something new every day about fashion history, fabric, clothing construction, and the business of selling online, but I feel I have a real support network. I remember when I was completely green in the vintage world, selling vintage clothing on a computer I had just learned to operate, and I asked in the eBay vintage clothing forum if they thought it was acceptable to use oneself as a model. I got a few snarky comments, and some doubtful responses, but one very thoughtful respondent: Jonathan. He gave me practical hope for what became my signature presentation.

    I had a decent opinion of human nature prior to starting the business, and 19.5 years of positive dealings with thousands of people pretty well proves to me that we’re a decent lot.

    I've had some amazing finds, but I will focus on just one recent one that means a lot to me. Here is my cousin Nancy, who is now in her 80s, shown as a high school student, with "a friend" (and I wonder if B stands for Brando??). She was in school in Bemidji, Minnesota in the 1950s, and I have just found a letter sweater with her name in it, in Spokane, Washington...1,277 miles away. It isn't the sweater in the photo, but it definitely has her rather unusual name on a label inside it. Better than 1950s Dior for me!

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    I have just a few years of selling vintage under my belt, though I have been buying and wearing vintage for longer. I haven't got as many famous buyers either, but one of my first Etsy sales went to the V&A - a pair of white silk Dior pumps that I'd found together with one of my most weak-at-the-knees finds ever - a pair of late 50s Rogier Vivier for Dior black evening pumps... at my local secondhand shop!
    dior black 1.jpg
    I am keeping these beauties just for what they are (the amazing thing is though, they would fit me very well!).

    My local secondhand shop has provided me with more amazing finds over the years, one of which went on to be sold to Lanvin.

    These two vintage German Burda magazines went to a buyer in Canada who bought them because her mother had had them when she was young and had made things from her from them:
    burdaheft1 (2).jpg burdateen1.jpg

    Thanks to the VFG, I have learned a ton about vintage, I have bought lots of vintage and also sold quite a bit to fellow VFG members. Sharing this love of vintage has brought me so much - meeting new people, learning new things, sharing fun... and if anything it got me a lot more into vintage. The biggest thing I'd say that I've learned about vintage over the years, besides the obvious things like dating, is about wearing vintage, incorporating it into every day wear. At the beginning, it was more of a special occasion thing, but the more I bought and the more I saw, I wanted things I could wear every day and with being promoted into a job that requires business wear every now and then, I knew the way to go and not wear "boring business clothes" was vintage, and it has proved the best idea ever! Whilst my wardrobe never stands still, I have some vintage mainstays that I would never give away again, and they get worn again... and again. These are the items I really treasure.
    Here's me, wearing this fantastic kimono style dress, vintage Ferragamo evening shoes and a 50s evening bag to the opera in Helsinki in 2009:
    All these were thrift shop finds, and I still have the dress, the shoes, and the bag, which have come in handy again and again... The same dress went to Australia with me last year, worn for a big trade show together with a 1940s suit jacket that has become my go-to for any kind of such thing, and which I bought from another VFG member (unfortunately you can't see much of the dress here):

    xmas2002_1.jpg Christmas 2002 and... aot dinner.jpg Australia 2015. This home-made 60s dress was another thrift shop find, and yes, it is also still in my wardrobe.

    So you see, my vintage travels the world with me, and it is there for any occasion! There's nothing like loving what you wear, feeling good wearing what you wear, and having fun with it.
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    So much to be grateful for! I've met some amazing people, sellers and customers alike, learned a ton about vintage, and the VFG keeps me creative with our amazing site committee.

    I've sold vintage to models, rockstars, stylists, designers, opera and theater, Film and television, And some really cool folks here at the VFG!

    some of my lovely customers:
    Photo Nov 19, 8 48 09 AM.jpg
    Photo Nov 19, 9 00 16 AM.jpg

    a few of the editorials I've lent to superstar stylist Lexy Rose:
    Photo Nov 19, 8 56 27 AM.jpg

    This north beach leather jacket sold to the Broadway production of 'Pretty Woman' recently, you can just see the corner of it on a chorus member ;)
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    Wow, Carla...fabulous customers and stylings!

    Karin, you're a walking poster child for wearing vintage well in the real world!
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    Wonderful thread - and thanks to all who shared. I started buying 1940s crepe dresses in the early 70's when I lived on Kings Road in London. I wore them (so flattering) and sold the dresses that didn't fit to a friend in NYC. So - crikey - I have loved vintage for almost 50 years. I am thankful for all the friends I have made and information shared within the Vintage Fashion Guild. There are so many experts in so many different fields and I have learned TONS and of course enjoyed seeing all the vintage. Personally, I have found a few wonderful vintage surprises over the year, but will share the most recent "story" later today when I can take some pix.
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    OK - I am back with photos - I wanted to take better pictures of the jacket, but it is overcast and snowing outside - this will show you the general piece. About eight (?) years years ago a friend gave me this to sell. It belonged to her sister's husband. It was dirty and I had it cleaned. Neither she nor her sister knew where he got it, but it was in the 70's. Perhaps Nepal? And then they thought maybe Iran? What do you think?

    Anyway, I loved it so much - incredible craftsmanship - and I didn't want to "give it away" so it sat in my closet. And then last week I realized, if I love the darned thing so much - why not wear it? And I have been enjoying it ever since. It's the kind of thing I would stop other people on the street to admire. So that's my "find" - from my closet :)



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    Love it Amanda!
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    What a gorgeous jacket!
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