GM by Gale Mitchell?

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  1. cupertinovfg

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    Hello everyone,
    I found this wonderful vintage green brocade dress and the label says "GM by Gale Mitchell". Anyone have any information on this designer?
  2. lkranieri

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    I checked two of the newspaper databases to which I have access and found only ads for clothing by Gale Mitchell. The earliest ad was from 1963 and the last one was from 1972.

    Beginning with the ads around the end of the 1960s I began to notice that the Gale Mitchell clothing was for juniors and petites. I didn't have time to retrace my steps and see if the earlier ones were, too.

    The earliest ads with Gale Mitchell clothing were by Franklin & Simon and later ads with GM clothing were by B. Altman and Lord & Taylor (may have been others).

    A 1968 ad noted that the featured dress was "designed by Marge Shannon for Gale Mitchell."

    I will try to check the other databases when I have a minute.
  3. cupertinovfg

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    Thank you Lynne.. This is amazing amount of information..

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