Grab Bag ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 12th

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  1. thespectrum

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    Grab Bag

    This week, we showcase vintage clutches and bags for spring and summer from our members--grab one while you can!

    Nettie Rosenstein Purse 1960 - Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute
  2. Marzilli_Vintage

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  3. thespectrum

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  4. denisebrain

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    50s Natural Wicker Box Bag with Beach Scene Made of Seashells


    60s Blue Flowers & Butterflies Jeweled Enid Collins-style Handbag


    70s Painted Flower Round Basket Purse - Picnic Anyone?

  5. poppysvintageclothing

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  6. Noble Vintage Clothier

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  7. carla rey

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  8. Luna Junction

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    Vintage Purse -30s Handbag - Navy Blue Hexagon Bag

    1930s Vanity Purse - 30s Black Handbag - Vintage Lipstick Case & Compact

    1940s Beaded Box Purse - Copper Beads - 40s Evening Formal Handbag

    Vintage 1940s Corde Purse - 40s Beaded Drawstring Pouch Handbag
  9. Luna Junction

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    Never mind the "Like" button, where's the "Love!" button?
  10. pastperfect2

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  11. amandainvermont

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    Nice - and Lynne, as usual, you are killing me.
  12. silvia-k

    silvia-k Trade Member

    Cute little straw bag, probably 50s
  13. silvia-k

    silvia-k Trade Member

    ... and here another small bag, made of raffia, 40s/50s?? Maybe somebody can tell me.
  14. silvia-k

    silvia-k Trade Member

    ... and here the last one I've chosen for this parade - crazy leather patchwork, I guess 70s: Lederpatchworktasche0.jpg

    Sorry, next time, the pictures will not be so big - I'm a greenhorn.
  15. Flannery Crane

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    Vintage 1950s Iridescent Lucite Box Purse. White Asymmetrical plastic Pearl Marble with clear etched lid. Floral design. Beautiful.

    50s Asymmetrical Sculptural Box Purse. Hand bag. Navy Blue Felt. Double Straps.

    1940s 50s Wristlet Purse with Novelty 4 four leaf Clover Clasp. Black Sculptural Rayon. Small Handbag.

  16. The Vintage Merchant

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