Graffiti Fashion Goes All City ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of January 30th

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    Debated for decades: Is it Art? However, there's no doubt that the graphics of graffiti elicit an emotional reaction. Often associated with the New York City subway trains, the first graffiti writer started tagging city walls in Philadelphia in 1967. Through the following decades, all urban areas in the U.S.A. hopped aboard the graffiti train with some cities, like Los Angeles, coming to terms with and eventually preserving murals of these colorful works.

    The world of Fashion found this style irresistible, reimagining, imitating, copying and have even been accused of outright theft by "writers" such as: Steel, Crazy Legs, Sharp, Taki and Reyes, whose names dominate their designs.

    Graffiti, break dancing and Hip Hop music go hand in hand with the culture so, this week, we salute vintage street style by bombing this parade with fashion pieces credited to the likes of Keith Haring, Stephen Sprouse & Vivienne Westwood, as well as uncredited, inspired prints that are written, colored, and bold. Include hip hop wear such as high top sneakers, Biggie Smalls style parkas, Chunky black framed eye-glasses and all manner of creative headwear (think Run DMC), gold chains, track suits and the like.

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    Learn about the early days of Graffiti writing! Watch this vintage documentary!
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    Thanks for posting this! Love the 80s era. Will be sharing it on my Deluxe Redux Facebook page!

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