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  1. Alice M

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    Hello all,

    I have these three bags that I think are from the 60s. I found them all together and I think they were all owned by the same lady. One, not pictured, had dated tickets/receipts etc in it that were all from the early 70s, but I feel that these bags are older than that. I think this because of the clasps, I've been googling types of clasps a lot.
    I'm very curious as to what they are made of. Are they all real skin? If so, what animals? And do you agree with the 60s estimate?
    The brown one has a zip from a company that was around from 1950 until 1964 - Rondo Zips Australia, and is a Gold Crest design. Gold Crest was started in 1954 and is no longer around. They seemed to have the most success in the 50s and 60s. So I am fairly sure the brown one has to be 60s. The green one has no labels and the zip is branded YKK. The white one has no tags or labels on the clasp or zip.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    20191004_142331.jpg 20191004_142312.jpg 20191004_142401.jpg 20191004_142344.jpg 20191004_143030.jpg 20191004_143024.jpg 20191004_143049.jpg 20191004_143013.jpg 20191004_144404.jpg 20191004_144446.jpg 20191004_143153.jpg 20191004_143159.jpg 20191004_143145.jpg 20191004_145057.jpg
  2. Alice M

    Alice M Registered Guest

    Any ideas on these ones please?
  3. Retro Ruth

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    Agree with 60s on the first two. The white one looks a little later, could be later 60s but maybe into the early 70s? I'm not sure though, so hopefully someone else will weigh in.

    The brown one's label is telling you it's genuine lizard skin, plus it appears to be leather lined? which is a good indicator that exterior is real skin or leather (a synthetic bag is unlikely to have a real leather lining).

    They all look like some kind of lizard, but I can't tell if real or faux. What are the other linings? I think the green one is fabric? Which doesn't rule out a real skin exterior, but does make a synthetic more probable.

    I hope that helps and look forward to other opinions.
  4. Alice M

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    Thank you for your help, and for the tip that leather lined often means real skin! I wonder what type of lizard it was. The green one is material yes, not sure what type though. Early 70s also works as the receipts I found in the other one (not listed here) are from the 70s and I am now sure that they all belonged to the same lady.

    Thanks again :)

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