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    Picked up this jacket today - based on the style (large shoulder pads!), stitching, and my guess on the fabric, I'm thinking it's sometime from the 1940s but I'd be happy to hear from the experts here.


    The label is proving a mystery. Googling "Hanna Importer" and the locations gives me one result from the Chicago area and linked to a hat that must have also had this sort of label (which isn't pictured), but otherwise I have nothing to go on.


    Has anyone seen this label before? What does it mean?

    I am considering reaching out to Wilmette's (a super fancy Chicago suburb) historical society to see if they have any records of a shop by that name, at the very least.
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    The jacket definitely has a 1940s feel to me. Couldn't find anything about Hanna Importes, though. :(
    Edit: I searched in the NY Times Archive... How silly of me! That's a remarkable amount of information, Lynn. Thanks for sharing.
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    I found a couple of references to N.A. Hanna Inc. of Wilmette and a bit of additional information (see below these images)...



    Also, a 1970 ad referred to "...Mrs. Nellie Hanna, owner of N.A. Hanna, Inc. in Wilmette" and a 1968 article about Mrs. Hanna's bridal shop stated "She admits her Wilmette dress shop has been in existence 38 years."
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    Nellie A. Hanna was born in England ca. 1891 and in the 1930 US Census she is listed as the president of a women's wear business.
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    lkranier, thank you so much! This is really informative and gives me a lot more to go on. Wilmette is one of the suburbs where I always love to go thrifting when I visit Chicago, so finding this jacket locally (1000 miles away, roughly), was just such a delightful surprise. I really appreciate your help finding more info on it!
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    I'm going to reach out to the Wilmette library to see if they'll send me this profile: http://news.wilmettelibrary.info/3326208/data

    Edited to add: Spanish Court is now called Plaza del Lago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaza_del_Lago

    Image added below is from the Jan 6, 1938 edition of the local paper(http://news.wilmettelibrary.info/1639498/data?n=165). It looks like N. A. Hanna had her daughter-in-law working for her too? I am going to have to stop myself from going down this research rabbit hole today, I have so much other research to do for my real job!

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    Not silly at all, as they had a New York address, too!
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    If they send it, I'll add this label and my writeup of the shop to the label resource here. :)
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