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Has anyone know of Kawakubo vintage

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Andrea, Jul 21, 2021 at 10:51 PM.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea Registered Guest

    I am new here and I have very limited vintage knowledge.
    I have searched the internet high and low and I can’t find anything on this item I found in a consignment store that I bought for $25. I just bought it because I liked it and when I got home I researched the brand a bit.
    I have read Kawakubo is ( or was) the designer for Commes Des Garcons.
    Does anyone out there have any idea what year this may have been made, I don’t know what I don’t know , so if anyone out there has any kind of info feel no matter how insignificant feel free to tell me. Thank you

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  2. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    Is there any print on the back of the care label? If so could you post a picture please?
  3. Andrea

    Andrea Registered Guest

    Thanks very much
    The number in blue is 413

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  4. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    Rei Kawakubo founded comes des garçons but what is interesting is the term ‘high fashion’ on the label as Kawakubo is famed for her anti-fashion. In saying that the styling of the lettering on the main label has a familiar font. It is not impossible it is the same person but as far as I am aware she never released any collections under her own name. And this does seem a little tidy to be one of her designs. So it’s a bit of a mystery to me too. Vintage era I would suggest 70s-1980s (the label actually reminds me of the styling of Issey Miyake labels in the 80s) although it could be later. Sorry I’m not much help, hopefully one of the experts can shed some light.
  5. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  6. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    The universal care symbols aren't North American, they are Japanese or continental European - I suspect Japanese. Rei Kawakubo never worked under her last name as a label (as far as I am aware), so she probably didn't trademark her last name or the company using her last name may have already existed so she couldn't trademark her last name. It looks early 90s to me too.
  7. Andrea

    Andrea Registered Guest

    thank you very much @GemGem I really appreciate it. Very interesting ....

    And thank you @poppysvintageclothing too , I appreciate it :) !
  8. Andrea

    Andrea Registered Guest

    Thank you Jonathan
  9. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with Jonathan's dating. There are seemingly hundreds or thousands of Japanese clothing brands with often fanciful names that are usually just sold in Japan. Could be that this one tried to riff on Rei Kawakubo's name, or maybe this was one that had been around before already.
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  10. Andrea

    Andrea Registered Guest

    Ok thanks, I wore it today and got lots of compliments! I think you are all right about it being from the 90s , thanks everyone for your input and sleuthing skills
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