hat pins? pic of tilting swastika pin

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  1. another hat pin I aquired with a whole load at the weekend. I can't find anything on internet auction site that is similar etc but it is about 8inches long and the emblem on the end tilts. (hope I have not offended anyone with this picture, sincere apologies if i have) best wishes Sharon xx
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    Here's an entire page devoted to the ancient uses of the swastika, pre-Hitler...


    I've had a fair amount of old jewelry and American Indian crafts using it. I was really surprised to see the motif on a modern beaded evening bag from China, apparently done by someone who'd never heard of the Nazis.
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    I am sure the link Maryalice posted tells the story, but just from what I have seen - it was a popular motif used in everything from brickwork to embroidery during the 1910s. In fact it was just going out of fashion when the German National Socialists chose it as their symbol in c. 1925. I have embroidery on dresses and lingerie, yours is not the first hat pin I have seen and I have also seen it in Arts and Crafts graphics - as border designs, as well as on a china pattern once, and etched in silver. None of the pieces had anything to do with Nazis.
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    I recently found a swastika on the title page of an 1899 copy of "the Jungle Book" and learned that Kipling--who was far from a Nazi supporter--used the symbol in his turn-of-the-century editions with its Indian associations of good luck/wellbeing in mind. By the time the Nazi party officially adopted the swastika as their emblem in 1920, Kipling had had it removed from all subsequent editions so no one would think he was sympathetic to them!
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    Poor old swastika, used to be such a popular symbol before WW2.

    I have a fashion magazine from 1932 which still has original transfers to apply to your dresses. Wonder why they were never used?

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    The magazine is packed away somewhere I can't get at easily I'm afraid....but I've seen the motif used quite a bit in fashions of the time. Of course, Australia was a bit behind the times so what went out in 1925 elsewhere was probably still being worn in the '30s here.

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    There are houses here in Chicago (1920s or so) that have swastikas done in the brick work. Ooops. Not much you can do about that now.
  9. Wow I had no idea that there was such a positive history to this emblem, so much nicer to know. Thank you for all your help I am putting all of this in a file for future reference, I really appreciate your help :clapping: xx

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