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    Hello: A friend and fellow dealer kindly referred me to the Vintage Fashion Guild. I used to have a brick and mortar shop but gave it up and am now trying online selling. I am a bit nervous. I researched sales venues and there seem to be a large amount of crazy people out there. A fellow dealer sells on EBay and has been inundated with unreasonable people -- in particular, the crazy woman who purchased a pair of vintage shoes estimated as a size 8 but shoe measurements were provided in the listing and the crazy woman demanded a refund, claiming the shoes were misrepresented. That kind of thing makes me nervous.

    However, I am going to give it the old college try. I have degrees in fashion and art history. I prefer 19th century fashions and earlier but also enjoy fashions from 1900-1964. Designer 1980s fashions are a guilty pleasure.

    I have an EBay store. I think I added a signature to this email. If not, though, the link is www.stores.ebay.com/antique-lady-vintage. I plan to open a Babylon Mall store, too. In researching EBay completed listings, I think vintage clothing, more often than not, goes for low prices. Babylon Mall has the added advantage of no listing or insertion fees. :)

    I live in Wisconsin and have four beautiful cats to keep me company. By day, I provide consulting services in the medical field.
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    Welcome :hiya: from another owner of four cats. Oh .... and I went to college at Beloit. Anyway - good luck with your new sales venues. You are off to a good start with all your listings. The more positive feedbacks you can get, the better. Some folks just purchase a bunch of low-cost items to start building in that direction.

    I have yet to have a "crazy" customer ... but I imagine my turn will come. I have a retail business at my home (greenhouse and nursery) and during the selling season (I open May 1) I don't list much. The greenhouse business brings in a lot more $$$, but eBay does pay most of my bills for the winter and it's a LOT of fun.

    You have such a head start with your degrees and your B/M experiences. There's a lot to learn about eBay listings and I think you will find this group very welcoming and helpful. Good luck to you! Amanda
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    :clapping: Hello!

    It's very nice to 'meet' you! :) Hmmm.. I agree that Ebay is a law unto itself, and with some things you are better holding off for a fixed price (so mall sounds like a good idea in addition to some buy it nows in your ebay store .. however Ebay can spring a few nice results on you occasionally, so in my opinion it can be worth the risk sometimes :)

    Your signature link works perfectly - I think you've got a great selection of items, and your listings look really good. The buyers have all the info they would need (clear condition reports and measurements), so I think you've done as much as you can your end to avoid any after-sale hassles.

    In all honesty I've had about 2 completely unreasonable people to deal with whilst selling on ebay, and after quickly realising that that was what they were, skipped what could have been long drawn out argument for an immediate refund and end to the transaction. If they aren't going to happy with any other outcome, regardless of whether or not it's something you wouldn't normally return on (i.e. the dress colour doesn't match their new shoes) I am inclined to save myself the upset and just put it down to experience! Of course if I am at fault (which I am perfectly happy to admit I have been, but only very occasionally:D) I've apologised profusely and refunded shipping, the lot!

    Out of 700ish I think I'm quite lucky, but I don't think you should be put off by the thought of it. I've found that the majority of ebay buyers are really very nice, especially if they are as passionate about what they're buying as you are about what you're selling.. Having well laid out policies like you have is a great start, as everyone knows where they stand - so fingers crossed for you!

    Anyway, enough waffling. Welcome from not so sunny england! :hiya:
  4. Hi antiquelady!


    I know what you mean by being nervous, but all and all, I find that most people have been just great and you will have loyal customers before you know it :)

  5. Welcome from Southern Illinois! We are so happy to have you!!

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    I'm a newbie too, but welcome nonetheless from sunny Florida!
    (sorry Hatty LOL)

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    LOL - I'm ever the optimist so you never know what tomorrow may bring! :)

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