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    I was wondering if someone from this forum can help me with a few vintage purses. For the past few months i’ve tried to find a vintage mesh purse and now I’ve found two different listings that have a good price.
    The first purse it’s in really bad condition (thus why the price is really low) and the seller claims that it is from the XIX century.
    The second listing consists of two purses (a “normal sized” one and a little one- that reminds me of a chatelaine purse.)

    Here are a few pictures that the sellers provided:

    The first purse:

    (As it can be seen, the condition of this purse isn’t very great.. But the price is really low for a purse of its age.)
    (A closer look at the “clasp” and also at one of the damaged parts)

    And more pictures:

    The second listing (that offers two purses)

    (About these two purses. Does anyone know what decade do they belong to?)

    What I really need is to know what purse/s is more worth it (to own, of course.)? The first one caught my eye with its intricate and beautiful details and I am wondering if anyone knows a way or tutorial on how I can bring it back to its past glory?
    The two other purses are really beautiful too, but I am really indecisive on what to do and that’s, practically, why I have decided to ask all of you what would you do in my situation.

    ~My most sincerest thanks! Wish you all a beautiful and peaceful weekend!❤️
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