Help dating '80s/early '90s blouse

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    Good morning/afternoon/night,

    How's everybody doing? Picked this blouse (or blazer/jacket, correct me if I'm wrong) at a charity. It has shoulder pads and it seems to be made of a synthetic fabric, which I could not identify. The pockets are real. My guess is '80s or early '90s. Am I correct? Thanks for any input.
    Also, sorry for the poor resolution pictures of the seams.

    2019-01-31 13.36.57.jpg 2019-01-30 16.13.47.jpg 2019-02-05 21.45.10.jpg 2019-02-05 21.45.39.jpg 2019-02-05 21.45.48.jpg
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    Thanks, Cin! Always saving me!
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    Just want to add that it probably had a matching skirt and was a two-piece outfit.
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    Exactly what I thought! Thank you, Linn. I saw another one just like this one in grey, so they must have been donated by the same person. Didn't see any matching skirts in the pants/skirts/shorts sections, though.
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