Help dating a Chloe 2-piece

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  1. juliea

    juliea Registered Guest

    Hi! I’m new to vintage clothing but found this 2-piece yesterday and loved the design and material. Was wondering if anyone knew what time period this Chloe might be. It’s a silk top with neck tie and the skirt has pleats and pockets. Thanks so much!!

    (Sorry, I posted this to the wrong forum before.)

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  2. themerchantsofvintage

    themerchantsofvintage Administrator Staff Member

    I have deleted the other thread for you ;-)

    Lovely set. Always a bonus finding Chloe. I'm seeing late 70s. Any shoulder pads?

    Look forward to what others think.
  3. juliea

    juliea Registered Guest

    Thanks so much Deborah! Just checked and no shoulder pads.
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  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Joseph Magnin closed in 1984, so it has to date before then... I would have thought about 1979-1980, but its hard to tell without seeing it mounted on a dress form, and knowing the length of the skirt.
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  5. juliea

    juliea Registered Guest

    Hi Jonathan and thank you so much for your insight! I don’t own a dress form but took a picture of the ensemble together and measured the skirt to be 32”. Thanks again!

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  6. Attirelyvintage

    Attirelyvintage Registered Guest


    I found this article:
    It is about Karl Lagerfeld's last collection for Chloe in 1984. The color is similar to what is shown in the collection as colors changed each year but tones maybe similar in the next or previous year. It seems to be whimsical so the tiny heart print crinkle crepe fabric and pleated skirt fits. And as mentioned above the dept. Store Joseph Magnin closed in 1984.
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  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    With that long hemline and no shoulder pads, c. 1979 looks right to me.
    rexfeatures_794253cv.jpg 61d894928e7591cc33a49c8782fb8170.jpg ab8f1d52a4ea2167ff1b281d30b39e71.jpg
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  8. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    Wow, seeing the pieces together makes such a difference! I was thinking early 80s with the photos of the pieces separate but looking at them together completely see the late 70s. Fab!
  9. juliea

    juliea Registered Guest

    Thank you all for the responses! So helpful and my husband said maybe I like the outfit so much since it's about my age! =)

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