Help Dating and Identifying Dream Dress!

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    38BE2A6B-5561-4424-A022-B95C7D247B61.jpeg 38BE2A6B-5561-4424-A022-B95C7D247B61.jpeg 7E3EF7E4-D625-42BA-A160-C7A7F34F615A.jpeg 5AF9BDF0-DD6D-4C2F-86BC-E2E9D90ECB73.jpeg F90678AA-07F1-47A4-89AC-BECF0F79A630.jpeg I recently purchased a breathtakingly gorgeous dress (I literally want to live in the thing!❤️) from a local thrift shop and have been having a pretty tough time researching the dress maker (Addy's Oakland Calif). I'm also curious to know more about the Pearl adornments on the shoulders and bust area. I'm pretty sure the dress was produced sometime in the 40's but would also love any additional insights/confirmation of the timeline. I've posted photos of the dress itself, label, and zipper. Thanks so much for your help!
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    I found a Feb. 1945 advertisement announcing Addys Epperson, owner for four years of the store formerly named Lillian’s, was changing the name of her Oakland CA store to Addys’ so your very nice dress dates to after Feb. 1945.
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    That is a stunner. Not sure when that sort of overlay bodice, after the war? I would think Addy's would have been a shop.

    I just noted the ad found by Lynne...for the shop.
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    This is so wonderful!! How did you stumble upon this? Thank you so much
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    I found it in a newspaper database to which I subscribe.
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    Very cool. So neat to learn about where these pieces came from.
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    Oh my. I'm swooning over that dress!
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    Me too sister, me too! ❤️
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