Help dating men’s nightgown

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  1. acceber

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    I got this from an estate sale, sold by a 60something woman who says this belonged to her great great grandfather. If it is that old, it’s in incredible condition. There are no tags anywhere. It’s very white, rather stiff, unfinished seams and only opens in the front about halfway down. Thanks for your help!

    E5F9FB32-9555-484E-9765-18CD9DB4235D.jpeg BD13A4C8-F4C0-46E0-972B-03FE44BC05C8.jpeg D74CCEA9-8131-4467-859F-15154601549F.jpeg B403A31A-4BD7-48E1-974A-67C1C7636F15.jpeg 4EBDCB65-D3A5-473A-AAB3-A31B2663AA22.jpeg 3A7B371A-D7A7-4696-8BDC-567635974E8B.jpeg
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    I think this may be Edwardian era, 1900 - 1910. But I doubt with all that eyelet, th epuffed sleevs, and the extensiive back gathers, that it was a man's. Maybe her Great Grandmother's? Men's nightshirts had a more tailored appearance - much like a very long dress shirt.
  3. 196t's

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    Agreed. That pleating around the bust and the back look more feminine to me.
  4. Jonathan

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    I agree that it's too lacey for a man's, however, we had a similarly fancy nightgown donated a couple of years ago that the donor said was her GGgrandfather's. However, it was based only on family hearsay, so I disregarded her story. I have never seen an image in a catalogue of a man's nightgown that lacey.
  5. bycinbyhand

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