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  1. Patriciak

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    Hello! I would like some help dating these shoes. I have bought them in a charity shop. They seem to have been restored.
    Thank you all

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  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    mid 1950s (55-56)- just before the sharp toe, spike heel style debuts
  3. Pinkcoke

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    I think these are Ferragamo's own reproductions, either contemporary (modern) or from the 2000-2010, because I remember somewhere in there being a revival of the babydoll shoe style. I know I bought some new shoes that would pass for 1950's around that time.
    My mid 1950's Ferragamo's have handwritten manufacturer's numbers and details inside, not printed, leather soles and heel tips. It would help to see photos of the soles and heel tips but I think your tips may be plastic.
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  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    That makes sense Melanie. The bows with the insignia silver button didn't sit well with me for the mid 50s. I bet you are right and they are repros. I knew those would become a problem in the future!
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