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Help I Need info on this dress

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Pharah’s Vintage Closet, May 27, 2022.

  1. Pharah’s Vintage Closet

    Pharah’s Vintage Closet Registered Guest

    I found this beautiful dress and looked like crazy and found nothing. I even looked in local obituaries for the name on the label Virginia Lynch.

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  2. Jackson.casey

    Jackson.casey Registered Guest

    I looked up the union tag and came up with some information on Google. A website called sammydvintage has much information about your type of tags on your dress.
  3. Our VFG website has info on union labels, too.
    The ILGWU union label indicates 1974-1995, and I think your dress is 1970s.
    Virginia Lynch may have been a small local retailer? Nevertheless, it's not a name that will add value... though it is always nice to be able to offer info on a garment's maker when listing at item for sale. :)
  4. Distantdetails

    Distantdetails Administrator Staff Member

    I, too, searched liked crazy on Newspapers.com, and found nothing. I tried every combo I could think of.
    Isn't that so frustrating?! It's a very pretty dress!
  5. lkranieri

    lkranieri VFG Member

    I found only a couple of small blurbs about a Virginia Lynch, who may be the person on your label...after she stopped working for the stores?

    A 1959 newspaper article reported: "VIRGINIA LYNCH NEW FASHION COORDINATOR AT FLAH'S IN ALBANY ; (Albany NY) Virginia L:ynch has been named fashion coordinator of Flah's. She was formerly merchandising and sales director for the Marion Broadcasting Co. of Marion, O."

    A 1974 newspaper article reported: "Maureen Moriarty has been named buyer of daytime dresses, uniforms, and color page for Gimbels, NY div., succeeding Virginia Lynch, resigned."
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  6. Pharah’s Vintage Closet

    Pharah’s Vintage Closet Registered Guest

    Thank you so much

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