Help identify how old my jacket is?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by GGGGina, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I have a Betty Barclay jacket and I'm trying to determine its age. I'm a total noob when it comes to labels... Is the long string of numbers starting with 6 the style number or something I could look up?

    I figure it's about 80s or 90s, going by its structure and style.

    Thanks in advance :USETHUMBUP: IMG_20190415_180044.jpg IMG_20190415_180037.jpg

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    Yes - I see 80s to - it reads late 80s to me, maybe even early 90s.
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    This blazer if from the 80s. I have found a similar one online (pinterest) with a velvet collar (maybe removeable). The line of numbers would be a style and color number. Im not sure what you would find online with it, I could not find anything. Was it made in Europe? Perhaps that will narrow it down.

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