Help identify how old these mens socks are.

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by gwcoty, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. gwcoty

    gwcoty Registered Guest

    bought these earlier today and i was wondering how old these actually are. From the look of the label, I was thinking maybe 30's 40's?(hopefully) Also, whats the best way to keep these safe and display them at the same time? DSCN1528.JPG DSCN1529.JPG DSCN1530.JPG
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  2. gwcoty

    gwcoty Registered Guest

    I dont know if you can tell from this crappy camera but the tag says:"Strictly First Quality" on that bottom corner.
  3. northstarvintage

    northstarvintage Administrator Staff Member

    Those are cool! I would guess they're from the 30s of 40s.
  4. Marzilli_Vintage

    Marzilli_Vintage Trade Member

    Sears was Sears & Roebuck until, I think, the 1970's, though these do look earlier and I'm not sure if they used the shortened "Sears" prior to the change. No help at all, I guess!
  5. gwcoty

    gwcoty Registered Guest

    Thanks guys!
  6. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo Administrator Staff Member

    They look 1940s to me--very nice find!
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Even though their name was officially Sears Roebuck & Co., it was known as Sears since.... not sure when, at least the 1950s: 2fc4da8cec08f75e577f9b8465054dba.jpg
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  8. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix Trade Member

    They look mid to late 50s to early 1960s to me.
  9. yumyumvintage

    yumyumvintage Trade Member

    Poor Sears... They are talking Bankruptsy I hope they are able to work it out.

    Great Socks....
  10. gwcoty

    gwcoty Registered Guest

    Yeah, poor sears. They used to be one of the biggest stores; they had everything! They are being replaced by amazon and online stores now... I'll bet they dont last through 2025.
  11. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    I'll be surprised if they last through 2017 - apparently they have been selling off their assets to make ends meet. Their problem is they don't sell brands and people shop by brands nowadays.

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