Help identifying this coat- thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Don Morrison

    Don Morrison Registered Guest

    Have what we think is a genuine vintage fur coat. There was a Sears Roebuck plastic bag inside of the box, but neither that nor Jean Marle` label are showing any exact results in Google. Unsure of the type of fur used as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  2. JustFurFun

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    Hi, I am not a fur expert but it appears to be mink-dyed muskrat. Your coat appears to have long guard hairs and it will feel coarser to the touch than mink or sable. One tip I found on this site or online is that almost all animal fur will feel coarse if you push the hair upward against the grain while mink and sable remain soft. Also, if you aren’t sure whether or not it is real or faux fur you can perform a simple poke test. Just take a straight pin or thick needle and poke through the fur. If it goes all the way through without any resistance it is faux because of the fabric backing it is on. If you are met with resistance it is the pelt or leather preventing the needle from going through. There are other tests, like a burn test, where you snip a piece of the fur and burn it. If it’s real fur it will smell like burning human hair and if faux will smell like plastic and will bead up. I hope this helps a little and that one of the experts will chime in and confirm this for you.
  3. Don Morrison

    Don Morrison Registered Guest

    Thank you for your reply! That is interesting and we are pretty sure it is mink. Now we just need to figure out what it is worth ;)
  4. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there,

    It is indeed muskrat that was dyed to look like mink. Although it is very wrinkled I am able to see the definition of the pelts as well as the dyed stripes and in the closeups I can see the whiskery guard hairs that are a bit longer than mink.
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  5. Don Morrison

    Don Morrison Registered Guest

    Thank you Caryn!!! Are you at all familiar with that brand of clothing?
  6. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator Staff Member

    You're most welcome. I'd love to help with the brand. I don't recognize the name though.

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