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  1. steph1989

    steph1989 Registered Guest

    hi everybody!
    i have just found this piece in a local market but i can't really figure out what's his function and also i would like to know the age. looks like it not very old since is in very good condition and it's a bright white.
    thank you :)

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  2. nsweezie

    nsweezie Registered Guest

    It’s a dickie- worn under a jacket to give the impression of a blouse without added bulk.
    It’s probably older than you think as dickies aren’t really ‘fashionable’ anymore. I have several myself and they date from the 1950’s.
  3. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Yes, a dickie, or in this case I would also call it a vestee. I've had items from the 1920s to 50s, this one here I can see to be 50s.
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  4. steph1989

    steph1989 Registered Guest

    ohh interesting! so it was definetely vintage :)) amazing the things you can find around! to Midge: i was wondering what's the difference between dickie and vestee if there's one
    anyway thank u averybody for your reply !
  5. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    As I understand it, a vestee is rather something with a front and back like yours, but a dickey can be a front-only thing...
  6. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer Trade Member

    It was not until the 50s that women wore short sleeve or sleeveless blouses and they wouldn't have considered removing their jackets even then.
    So a dickey gave the impression on a blouse, but allowed a certain amount of coolness before air-cond.

    Karin, thanks for the info on vestees; I didn't know what they were called.

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