Help w/Age of Black Sheer Dress with Appliques and Glitter?

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  1. Beth Isham

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    Hello Everyone and thank you in advance for your help.

    I have a sheer black chiffon dress with a double layer of chiffon for the bodice and sleeves. A built in camisole. No lining or slip for skirt of dress.
    Sleeves are large and pouffy.(Is that a word) The dress has black velvet appliques with silver glass or metal glitter glued onto the velvet.

    The dress is a pull over the head dress, no zippers or buttons.

    I found the remnants of a ripped off tag at the neck and a "dry clean only VAL method" tag.

    Can anyone help me to put a date to the dress?

    Thanks Again

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  2. Circa Vintage

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    Early '80s and I suspect there was a lining to the skirt originally.
  3. denisebrain

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    It's a pretty dress!

    I agree with Nicole.

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