Help with Beacon style blanket robe

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    Hi all!

    a little dating help with this Beacon style woven robe. No label, but very much in the style of Beacon style woven blanket garments, very lightweight definitely not a coat type weight. The fabric is cotton flannel, wood buttons, there is an iron-on layer of interfacing in the front facings which burns to be a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. No evidence of it being shortened.
    LabelsandDetails2-2348_RT.jpg LabelsandDetails2-2349_RT.jpg LabelsandDetails2-2350_RT.jpg CoatBeaconRobe-2067_RT.jpg 2020-06-21 12.59.48.jpg 2020-06-21 12.59.37.jpg

    Is this an older fabric made into a robe? Or just a really worn, well loved item.
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