Help with dating a Hilo Hatti shirt

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by Bluebird, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Bluebird

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    Hi: I need help with dating this shirt. Did not see a label match for it. The one that was kind of like it was blurry. The inside garment tag says its from lot # 569 style #500 XL. 20180606_122151_HDR.jpg 20180606_122036_HDR.jpg 20180606_120536_HDR.jpg 20180606_120226_HDR.jpg
  2. Metro Retro Vintage

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    Great tropical print. I've often found that Hilo Hattie's uses the same RN for years if not decades, but hopefully you'll get some dating feedback soon.
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  3. denisebrain

    denisebrain Trade Member

    Mid-1970s to 80s I would guess, because of the care tag and the 100% poly.
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  4. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    that wide single print was particularly popular in the 90s, too (as was the use of polyester) and in Hawaii many manufacturers use the same tags (like those care labels, too) for years: bought in bulk, use them as long as the supply holds out. I worked for a place (in Honolulu) in the mid 90s that used care labels like those....they had reels and reels of them.

    Also, Hilo Hattie has been around forever, and they often continue a garment that sells well for years (decades even) as well as "bring back" and reproduce a good selling garment, too, so it could be more recent, even.

    i think there are still shops that sell aloha shirts made of "Tom Selleck" prints....Hilo Hattie's used to be one of them. Point being, they are difficult to pinpoint a date for them.


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