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  1. PastPiecesVintage

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    It is knitted with cotton yarn and fully lined. The buttons have been removed and the button holes have been sewn up. When I bought it, I was thinking 1950s because of the color and pattern. There are no tags of any kind to offer a clue. I'm doubting myself about the date and would like other opinions. What would this design be called? Thanks for your help.

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  2. Robin of Frocksley

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    This reminds me very much of some 70s sweaters I have owned. The design looks "tribal" inspired. If you google "vintage 70s tribal sweater" a number of images come up of sweaters similar in style to yours. Hope some more folks can help!
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  3. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    70s. Navajo or South Western Design. IMO. Are you sure it is cotton? I can see lining a wool sweater but not cotton.
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  4. cmpollack

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    Can you show us a close up of the button holes, Diana? And... how many are there? That might be a clue.

    I know Southwestern/Native American pattern sweaters were popular in the 70s, but the pretty colorway of this one seems unusual. As does the lining!
  5. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    It could be part of Ralph Lauren's Beacon blanket collection and someone sewed the liner and took the buttons off.

    Ralph Lauren has an extensive Indian Trade/camp blanket collection that he uses for inspiration.

    Highly recommended are the two books by Barry Friedman; Chasing Rainbows and Still Chasing Rainbows.
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  6. poppysvintageclothing

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  7. PastPiecesVintage

    PastPiecesVintage Trade Member

    The brown colorway and acetate lining made me think 50s at first. The fact that it's cotton threw me off and I began doubting it was 50s. Then I began to wonder if it *was* a Ralph Lauren production. I've searched RL sweaters, but nothing like this comes up. It has 4 buttonholes. Looking closer at the lining, it does look like it was hand sewn in, perhaps to retain the shape? I don't want to list it until I can pin down a date.


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  8. PastPiecesVintage

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    Another question. Should I open up the buttonholes and put buttons on it?
  9. lindapoirier

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    Just a quick look through Chasing Rainbows tells me those blue diamonds ( page 110) are pattern after a 1910 pendrkton blanket but only one pattern on the blanket is used on the cardigan.

    The red pattern appears on a 1925 blanket ( page 1927), centre point pattern.

    These two points coupled with it being cotton makes me think it is Lauren. Is there a tag behind the lining??

    I have to think it is 1990s or earlier.
  10. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    I am sure there are copyrights on these companies patterns that is why these sweaters vary slightly and the sweaters incorporate different elements , with slight variations, in one sweater.


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