Help with dating fur jacket please

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  1. Hazel

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    I recently acquired this; I think it's rabbit fur but happy to be corrected, I'm no fur expert! It needs reconditioning (dry but not shedding) which I was going to have a go at myself, but before I put all the work in I'd like an idea on the date - I think it might 1930's having seen a very similar one?

    It's been interlined with a soft, loosely woven fabric, cotton perhaps - I unstitched part of the lower hem as I could feel something and wondered if it had been re-lined over the old lining. It has a small inner pocket on the left lapel, the lining feels man made - perhaps a rayon? It has a huge collar that could be worn up or down and fastens via a single large button. No label anywhere.

    Thank you for your help!

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  2. Furwise

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    Hi there,

    Pretty jacket. It is rabbit and it dates to the 70s, maybe the early 80s. The lining is a synthetic satin.
  3. Hazel

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    Hi Caryn, thank you!
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  4. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    I only wanted to comment that although it is rabbit, an inexpensive fur, it really is one of the nicest styles of rabbit jackets or coats that I have seen in a long time. Very stylish and luxurious looking. Due to the shorter length and the cut, I can see why you thought it might be from the 1930s, it has that sort of appeal. But as Karyn said it is more contemporary.

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